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About Us

Perdue Partners, LLC is an Atlanta-based global trading company that facilitates U.S. commerce, with an emphasis on the export of U.S. goods and services, through trading, partnerships, consulting services and strategic acquisitions.

Perdue Partners, LLC is founded on rich experience and broad expertise in private industry, international economic development and commerce, and government. Our chief aim is to bring intrinsic value to our investments and engagements with a well-defined strategic vision, informed analysis, experienced management and seasoned judgment.


Why Choose Perdue Partners

Proven International Business Experience

  • Managed global supply chain logistics.
  • Recruited companies from around the world: Kia, SKC, Toyo Tires, BMC, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Wipro, EFACEC, Bombardier, Mage Solar and hundreds more.
  • Negotiated lucrative multimillion dollar deals and contracts.

Experienced in the Nexus of International Business & Government

  • Over sixty years of experience working with federal, state and local governments.
  • Coordinated 2004 G-8 Summit, BIO International and other international forums.
  • Conducted over 20 trade missions to 25 countries.

Strong International Relationships

  • Opened offices for State of Georgia in Hong Kong and Beijing, China.
  • Created Southeast US-Canada Alliance.
  • Personal connections with Atlanta consular corps.
  • Led State of Georgia in the Regional Leaders Alliance, a multilateral alliance between Quebec, Canada; Shandong, China; Western Cape, South Africa; Upper Austria; Bavaria, Germany; St. Paulo, Brazil; and Georgia, USA.

Successful Entrepreneurial Experience

  • Started and sustained multiple successful companies with growing returns¬† in commodities, transportation and logistics.
  • Developed consumer apparel brand in India.

Experienced Sales and Marketing

  • Implemented multi-million global marketing program in 14 countries.
  • Developed leading sports apparel brand in the United States.

Demonstrated Leadership

  • Combined experience of more than 90 years with management of multi-billion dollar operations.

Access to capital

  • Relationships with banks and investors around the world.

Practiced in Logistics of Trade

  • Experience operating a southeastern trucking company.
  • Led trade team that oversaw historic export successe


Put Perdue Partners to work for you:


  • If you have a company that has considered exporting but needs experienced consultation,

  • If you are currently exporting and seeking access to new markets,

  • If you have a company ready for international growth but don’t know where to start,

  • If you have a company in the global supply chain seeking new ownership,

  • If you are an international company and need ongoing guidance on “how to do business in the U.S.,”

  • If you have a product or service to market overseas but need an experienced, connected partner,

  • If you are considering U.S. operations and need relocation expertise and incentive consultation, or

  • If you have economic development questions and need experienced professionals.